Wednesday, 1 July 2015

 - L -

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since both S and I have posted anything on the blog. Life has been so hectic recently and before any of us knew it, a year had gone by. We will try our best to post more often so please be patient with us! 


Having my nails polished has become a natural necessity in my life, I literally can not stand to see my nails naked. With something as compulsory as this naturally lead to me being a nail polish hoarder, it would take me 3 days or a week depending on my nails to re-paint them again. It's a constant struggle between, do I just bite my lip and ignore the chipped polish or do I have the patience to re-paint and wait for them to dry? 

Then I discovered Shellac. The miracle polish that; lasts for up to 2 weeks, always stays shiny, strength your nails, does not fade off, and DRIES STRAIGHT AWAY.

It applies just like any normal lacquer, but each layer applied must then be placed under a UV light which 'seals' the polish, the final coat which is the top coat once sealed dries immediately and keeps the nails always looking shiny and strong (what is this sorcery??). However, you can't just rub the shellac off like you normally would with standard polish, rather you need to get them soaked off, I do find that this weakens your nails because some salons scrap them off, personally I tend to keep them immersed in the acetone much longer until they literally all fall off on its own. This way there's less scraping and less damaging to your nails.

I fell in love with shellacs the first time I got them done. I find them so convenient and very wearable, and who wouldn't love to sit back and relax whilst getting your nails did? 

Here are a few images of the shellacs I've had done for the past few months. 

Do any of you guys get shellac nails and if so what are your opinions on them?

 - L -

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