Sunday, 23 February 2014

Swatch & Review: F.O.A - Glossy Lip Crayon

reviewed by - L.

Hey guys! So currently I have been obsessed with the Face of Australia Glossy Lip Crayons
Because I have mild chapped lips, I prefer to wear lighter make-up that won't leave my lips all flaky during the day; especially when I have work (which is all the time!). They are the perfect everyday solution for me. 

Apple Crumble - this is one of my favs! It is a gorgeous bright red that just seems to light up your face. The perfect 'everyday' red lippy.

Pie La Monde - a dark brown tone with a hint of red. I found it to be a more maturer colour, which compliments my pale skin tone with a slightly warm undertone.  

The gloss glides on very smoothly with a vanilla fragrance, the pigmentation builds up as you continue to go over the lips a couple of times and mainly, they are so moisturizing!! TICK TICK TICK. The wind-up packaging is convenient and easy to use, they are also colour coded so it makes it quick to figure out which colour you're grabbing. The wear time though; is pretty poor, but you would expect that from something so glossy and moisturizing!

I was lucky enough to find these two for sale at KMART for just $2!!! And now they follow me everywhere I go. You can find these gorgeous Lip Crayons at Priceline for only $4.95 each, so i suggest you go to your nearest store and grab one now, because they are so worth it!!

- L.


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