Saturday, 22 February 2014

Swatch & Review: Drugstore Finds

reviewed by - L.

Yesterday S and I did some light shopping, I managed to scoop up these two gorgeous lipsticks for under $20! I usually don't go for really pinky colours but thought I should at least get a few just in case. Below is my personal review on the two lipsticks.

KMART LIPS - Cr√®me Lipstick was a new brand to me. KMART recently updated their entire make-up range and with it they introduced these (I'm not so sure) KMART 'homebrand' cosmetics. The down-side with the update was that they removed all testers and shoved everything in sealed packages. Therefore, I couldn't test out the products before purchasing it. So on the cute packaging alone I decided to buy it; it was a gamble worth taking. This lipstick glided on really smoothly for me and it had the perfect amount of colour and sheen to it. I really liked this shade because it's a very versatile colour and very natural, I could see myself wearing this shade with just about anything. It's also got a faint fragrance, like a mix between crayons and play-doh but very very subtle, as strange as that sounds it doesn't really bother me and you don't really notice it. The only problem I would have with this lipstick is that after awhile it starts to feel pretty dry even though it says it's "moisture rich".

SAVVY by DB - Blossom "Long Lasting Matte Lipstick". Unfortunately, I often have really dry chapped lips. So for me this lipstick, being matte, was slow to start. I had to moisturize moisturize moisturize like crazy before I could even think to apply the lipstick or else it would just dragg on my lips creating blotchy clumps and look really messy. Besides my bad lip genes, the lipstick colour is a very vibrant/playful pink and because it is highly pigmented not only is one application more than enough but it highlighted my chapped lips and just looked really splotchy. I don't think it would be a lipstick that I would use unless I'm having a good lip day. The fragrance is very very subtle almost unnoticeable which, personally, I appreciate a lot. I love the finish look that matte lipsticks have but they just don't agree with me, as sad as that is. 

- L.

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