Sunday, 16 February 2014

Welcome To Our Blog!

We are two best friends from Melbourne who LOVE a bargain! We don't care much for high-end products; as long as it looks good, works well or is bloody tasty! So we have decided to start a blog to share our experiences with you - from our struggles to suit our own personal tastes, to our attempts to still look good and eat well on a budget. 

We will do our best to keep you updated on our latest finds, sharing tips and tricks and providing helpful reviews to the best of our ability.

- S
21. Pink. Make-up lover. Always hungry, picky eater. Horror movies & Crime shows. Nail-Polish fanatic. Design. Hoarder. Accessories. Eat, sleep, repeat.

Make-Up Profile
Dry, sensitive, combination skin. Dyed-brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Fair - Medium complexion.
Food Likes & Dislikes
Meat. Meat. Meat. Everything potatoes. I do not like most seafood and I will not eat melted ice-cream.

- L
20. Blue. Doesn't know what she wants. Make-up noobie. Food enthusiast. Elvis lover. Nails are constantly changing colours. Lipstick fanatic. SALES AND REDUCTIONS? I'm there!

Make-Up Profile
Normal to combination skin. Fair complexion. Natural black hair. Mono-lid. Dark brown eyes. Short eye-lashes. Don't have 20/20 vision so glasses are compulsory.  
Food Likes & Dislikes 
I eat anything..but sushi.


We hope you enjoy and appreciate our efforts! Happy reading!
- S & L

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