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Swatch & Review: Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

reviewed by - S. 

Sorry I have been away for a while, but back with another review on some of my favourite lipstick purchases this past month. I first saw some pictures of these lipsticks on Instagram and my curiosity got the better of me, as I was straight away exploring their website. I had never heard of Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks, but was so mesmerised by the packaging. (I am a sucker for packaging)!
Initially, I thought that the lipsticks came in black cardboard paper packages like other lipsticks usually do. Imagine my surprise when I realised that the sharp rectangular packaging was actually the lipstick lid itself. This minimises the need to waste paper and was very clever and unique as I had never seen anything like it. I also love the way the colour of the lipstick is displayed at the top of the lid to make it so much easier to distinguish between them. I think it is absolutely a bonus how classy and expensive looking the lipstick tube is, where it only retails for $12.95 per lipstick!

But there is more to these lipsticks than just pretty packaging. The brand was founded by Melbourne model and former cosmetics marketing executive Joanna Wheaton. It is a brand solely focused on delivering quality lipsticks at affordable prices, and was launched in August 2013. The fragrance was inspired by grape bubblegum (my absolute favourite flavour) and are not tested on animals, nor do they contain animal-derived ingredients.

There was an option to purchase 8 lipsticks for $65 (around $8 per lipstick) which I jumped on straight away. The order was placed smoothly and came quickly within the week. It was nicely packaged with some flower petals and a handwritten note. Definitely quality service!

So what do I think of these lipsticks? I LOVE THEM. They are by far my favourite lipsticks in my collection. They have some of the best matte formula lipsticks I've ever tried. They are moisturising and nourishing on my lips and do not dry them out at all!

There are a beautiful range of colours to choose from each with a sassy name! In addition, I believe they release new shades every season, and I honestly cannot wait to grab more. They are genuinely a great quality lipstick with vibrant colours and deep pigmentation.

Below are some swatches (excuse my rushed job).
From left to right:
Miss Sophia - LILAC
Miss Amy - BABY PINK
Miss Kitty - BLACK PLUM
Miss Georgina - PINK PLUM
Miss Hannah - BLOOD RED
Miss Sarah-Jones - NEON CORAL
Miss Simone - BABY CORAL
Miss Sanja - Fuchsia

Check out their website for further details:

Hope this was informative. Stay tuned for more! :)

- S. 


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