Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Groove Train

Hey, L here! The other night S and I decided to doll ourselves up and head to Chapel Street for some dinner. The only problem was, being the indecisive people we are, we couldn't agree on a place to eat. Everything smelt and looked so good! After much walking and working up an appetite, we stumbled across The Groove Train; located on the busy roads of Chapel Street and only a 3 minute walking distance from the Jam Factory. 

My first impression of the restaurant was, 'wow cosy!', it had such a laid back vibe. Which suited to my liking. The waiters/waitresses were very welcoming and made us even more excited to try out their food, they were also very considerate and didn't mind the fact that we changed seating locations, twice (we wanted the booth seats :P). Once we were finally seated and handed our menus, I had a look around the restaurant and was completely drawn into their ceiling light features. They were at such a large scale and created a lovely warm orange and yellow light, that just glued together the atmosphere, certainly very groovy

Their menu offers a wide variety of western foods, and not to our surprise, caused an uproar in our hungry bellies. If we had it out way (aka. if we had the money and if we could eat it all) we would have surely ordered a table full of food. Click here to check out their full menu.

Porterhouse Steak - $26.90
Reviewed by L.

After much deliberation I decided to get the Porterhouse Steak served with roasted Kipfler potatoes & beef just ($26.90), cooked medium-rare with mushroom sauce and a Lemon Lime & Bitters ($4.50). One of my biggest peeves when ordering steak is when and asking for medium rare, and getting it well done, I don't like my steak cooked all the way through as I find it too tough. It's quite annoying having to second guess whether I can trust the chef to cook to my preferences. However, The Groove Train hit the nail on the head! I asked for medium-rare and medium-rare was what I got. 

The steak and the roasted Kipfler potatoes were cooked and seasoned perfectly! The mushroom sauce though, was a bit too salty for my liking. Usually for my taste buds, the more salt the better cause it meant more flavor, and for S and I we're all about FLAVOR! But this mushroom sauce, I could handle the first few bites; but as I kept on eating all I could taste was the sauce, it overpowered the dish too much, less salty and it would have been a great dish, which was a shame. 

Rating: 8/10

Groove Steak Sandwich - $19.90
Reviewed by S.

Now I'm usually more of the pasta and risotto lover, and I've always been too afraid to try new dishes in fear of wasting money on something I wouldn't like. But I'm breaking at habit! I would've however, much preferred a menu with images of the food as that would've greatly assisted with my decision; instead of going in blind with a large selection. Does anyone agree or is it just me?

Anyway, I decided to try the Groove Steak Sandwich. It consisted of minute steak, large chunks of sliced tomato, tasty cheese, red onion jam, rocket & aioli, served with a side of chips.

When the dish came out, I realised how 'minute' the steak really was, and there was very little of it. (As you can clearly see or not see in the images below). The steak was a bit tough for my liking but everything on the plate helped to nicely complement each other. In the end, it was a dish I did somewhat enjoy but not something I would rush to eat again.

Rating: 6/10

The pricing is decent and the food quality is good. They are open 7am 'till late, 7 days a week. They also offer pre-orderings and takeaway services that tailor to your needs. We have included a few quick links below for your convenienceWe definitely recommend you guys grab a few mates, head down to The Groove Train, try out their food and have a groovy night, cause we certainly did!


Store Location & Information
Shop 10 & 11, 500 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141

Trading Hours: 
7am 'till late, 7 days a week.

Phone: 03 9826 4444

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